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Emily Binks


Emily Binks, the recipient of the 2016 Glenfiddich New Contemporaries Residency Prize, creates ambitious, large scale works – often in series – informed by human instinct and her strong personal interests in the outside world and survival skills, combined with her bold, challenging aesthetic she aims to relay the different themes influencing her practice in an impact-full, thought provoking manner. The foundations of her ideas and research are usually investigations made into materials, form and function. These investigations being followed instinctively with a process of hunting, collecting and foraging for materials, usually objects that have been cast aside. Ideas are then grow organically in response to the materials found and the qualities discovered within them. The re-use and recycling of objects now disregarded of their original purpose and function forms the discourse between the artists practice and it's comment on human/object interactions and relationships and our relationship with our environment.

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