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Let Glenfiddich’s Global Brand Ambassador Ian Millar, our Malt Master Brian Kinsman, and all the experts working here at our Distillery share knowledge with you that’s been passed down through the generations. 
We’ll introduce new and rare whiskies, discuss aroma and flavour, as well as travel to fascinating places around the world. We’ll also share the inside story on many of the great events we support.
We can’t wait to share more about our family of single malts with you. Scroll down to explore more.

Winter Storm

21 September 2017

To create Experiment #03 in our series, Malt Master Brian Kinsman looked further afield, collaborating with Peller Estates in Canada and Craig MacDonald, winemaker, to see how classic aged Speyside malts might complement the unusually intense sweetness of Icewine.

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The Minds Behind Project XX

23 September 2016

Shrouded in secrecy, twenty of the whisky world’s finest experts came together to create our most ambitious experiment yet.


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