The Glenfiddich Ultimate Launch Event

8 April 2013

By Ian Millar

While I enjoy a great deal of travel in my role as Global Ambassador for Glenfiddich, few events are as enjoyable as the launch of a new expression, especially one as exciting as this.

This month saw me travel to Xiamen, China to launch a very special whisky – Glenfiddich Ultimate, a 38 Year Old Single Malt. The numbers '3' and '8' are extremely auspicious in Chinese culture, and with the popularity of whisky (especially Glenfiddich) growing rapidly in China, it’s only fitting that we launched this expression exclusively there. 


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The World of the Scotch Superpour

1 March 2013

By Mitch Bechard, US Brand Ambassador

Day 1

Touchdown Vegas! I have landed in Sin City for my annual pilgrimage to the Universal Whisky Experience, arguably the most extravagant whisky show in the world. Here customers have the opportunity to taste scotch that can cost the equivalent of a reasonably sized automobile or small apartment. Now in its third year and run by avid Scotch whisky collector and enthusiast Mahesh Patel, the show attracts whisky connoisseurs from around the world. Mahesh is also the proud owner of 1 of only 11 bottles of our Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts. Aged for 55 years, these bottles were auctioned off worldwide for various charities. The record bottle being sold in New York for a staggering $94,000.  Amazingly, six of the Janet Sheed Roberts bottles make up the top ten most expensive bottles ever sold in auction, with the total amount raised through their sales equating to an incredible $617,477 for various charities.

The view from the Grand Canyon from the helicopters was breath-taking.

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A dram in the ocean

22 January 2013

By Ian Millar

I boarded the Cinderella Cruise Ship from Stockholm to the Aland Islands this January. As we sailed past dramatic Finnish coastlines, excitement built and Whisky Fair enthusiasts gathered to enjoy some beautiful whiskies..

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India Glenfiddich City Trail 2012

4 December 2012

Last month I made the long, but exciting, trip to India to host the “Glenfiddich City Trail 2012” in cities across the southern part of the country.

In each location I hosted a tasting session, single malt master class and a bespoke gourmet dinner where dishes inspired by local cuisine were paired with rare Glenfiddich Malts. I am a great food lover, so didn’t need to be asked twice when the opportunity to do the trip came up!

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Mexico Trip

1 December 2012

Last month, I headed to Mexico, where I hosted a series of whisky tastings and dinners, plus an event to find our next Brand Ambassador for the region.

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