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Valay Shende


Born 1980 Nagpur, Maharashtra, India, currently lives and works in Mumbai. Valay completed his BFA in Sculpture from Sir J J School of Art in 2004, and participated in an artist residency programme at Point Ephemere in Paris. Among others, he has exhibited in Havana Biennale,’ Bombay Maximum City’ at Lille 3000, and ‘Made by Indians’ at St Tropez Beach in France. Primarily creating video works and life-size sculptural installations, his observations and feelings set off the production of his work and thereby determine the choice of media. He is a keen and sensitive observer of his surroundings and concerned about the common man’s trial and tribulations of day-to-day life. His works demonstrate his technical deftness and ability to transform a thought into a work of art. His recent works are in subtle ways attempts to question the maladies afflicting urban society and humans today and they also endeavour to create the utopian world he hopes for and imagines.

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