Martina Witte

United States of America

Born in 1973 in Onsabruck, Germany, but now based in New York, Martina has a background in graphic design, but is an accomplished painter as well as illustrator. Her formal education in graphic design has greatly influenced her work and can be evidenced in its choice of colour, form and composition. Martina’s goal is to produce a work that is fresh, yet evocative, and executed in a decorative manner. Martina works in various disciplines, from pattern design (toile), to representational graphic painting, mixed media on wood and mural painting.

“I suspected that nature would play a big role in my subject matter, but I couldn't predict that it would be the trees in this area that would become my main source of inspiration. When I entered the woods behind castle croft for the first time, I found subject after subject being newly amazed after every few feet I walked. I had never before seen such a variety in bark textures...some are raised and rugged, some smooth and shimmering, some with markings like scars, some like dimples, some spotted with mold. In my execution of the tree trunk paintings it was my goal to reference textile design by abstracting the trees’ patterns and building up with layers. Having taken hundreds of pictures, I composed a visual library of the trees here so I can continue the "Nature's Design" series when I return home.” Martina Witte September 08

‘In my work I would like to reflect on my impressions of both the Distillery and its surrounding environment, creating composite images that hopefully will evoke a mood - inspiring even though nostalgic - better communicated through the eyes than the spoken or written word. Based on my existing interest in nature I am proposing a heavier focus on the environment, which may change once I get a first hand grasp on the making of single malt whisky and all it entails. I work in several different disciplines and plan on applying most or all of them during my three month stay.’ Martina Witte, June 08

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