Yuan Goang-ming


Hailing from Taipei (and the same art institute, IT Park, as previous Taiwanese Glenfiddich residency artists), Yuan has a background in digital media, film and photography. Known foremost as a video artist, Yuan has exhibited all over the world. During his residency, Yuan will be building on his work of the past year, Disappearing Landscape.

“Grown up in a city of Asia, where things are rapidly changing ever, it was my first experience to work in this kind of peaceful and rural environment. It gave me a surprisingly stable state of mind, alternative ideas about seasonary changes and different attitudes toward nature to what I had had before.” Yuan Goang-Ming, September 08

"The plans for my work will be adjusted and realised during my residency depending on my observations of the environment and my experiences at the Distillery. The focus will be around a multi-channel video installation. With my recent interest in elements in my everyday life, I might be filming my apartment in which my wife and I are living, my studio, the neighbouring hills and grassland, and if possible, the inside of the Distillery.” Yuan Goang-ming, June 08

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