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Arabella Campbell


Arabella Campbell lives and works in Vancouver. She has a Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia (1996) and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr Institute of Art and the San Francisco Art Institute (2002). Recent exhibitions of her work include Enacting Abstraction, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver (2009); Stowaways: The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers, CCA Wattis, San Francisco (2009); THIS IS NOT A VOID, curated by Jens Hoffman, Galeria Luisa Strina, São Paulo, Brazil (2008); Museum as Medium, Koldo Mitxelena, San Sebastian, Spain (2008) and Museo de Art Contemporanea de Vigo, Vigo, Spain (2008); Past as Present, York Art Gallery, York, England (2008); Very Abstract and Hyper Figurative, Thomas Dane Gallery, London (2007) and Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver (2007).

Arabella Campbell’s practice is rooted in the studio and attends to a range of media. Calling attention to the white cube, the context of the art exhibition and the medium itself, Campbell’s practice is consistently self-reflexive and produced with formal clarity. Her practice is informed by site-specific studies and conceptual based strategies, resulting in formally attentive works that are concerned with the fundamental structures of representation, as they are manifest in materials, language and place. Her work ranges across media from photographs of monochromatic interventions in the landscape, to paintings that attempt to calibrate from memory the precise shade of white paint used by three different art institutions upon their gallery walls, to ephemeral interventions that explore places of art production and presentation. Campbell will continue to expand upon these ideas and methodologies during her time in residence at the Glenfiddich Distillery.