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Jolanta Rejs

Poland / United Kingdom

"I am interested in the hand-made aspect in my work, with all its inaccuracies and mistakes. In a way I go against human drive to make things easier and simple."

Born in 1982, Poland, Jolanta Rejs is currently undertaking her post graduate studies at the Royal Academy of Art in London. Jolanta is a contemporary artist, specialising in digital and analogue photography, and the transition and relation between the two. Rejs's work draws inspiration from the shift between perception of photography as reality-related medium and the post-modern approach to it as a constructed image. Through her work, she seeks to dilute the boundaries between different techniques and analyse what happens at the meeting point of photography, painting and printmaking.

For her time at Glenfiddich, Rejs hopes to explore further the relation between woodcut and digital photography. Inspired by old photographs Rejs also wishes to bring background faces, which were almost invisible in the prints, back to the present to give them a different and dynamic 'second life'. Jolanta believes present time holds past in presence. In other words, past never ends because the imprints of it are always present.