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Mia Liu Wen-Hsuan


"By connecting the installation to the site, the elements in the environment will become part of the drawing-sculpture, not out of mathematical algorithms but out of my past experiences with life and art. I am the filter that concentrates or disperses."

Born 1980 in Taipei, Taiwan, Liu graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute, USA. She is interested in pushing the perceived boundaries of drawing via strategies of dimensionality, interactivity and installation. In most of her works, she draws on different surfaces and materials, creating works that extend beyond the two-dimensional surface. The range of surfaces and materials includes kaleidoscope drawings, paper sculptures attached to human bodies, drawings on ready-mades like cupcake holders, origami drawings and Guggenheim Museum tickets. Liu has exhibited widely across Asia and America.

During her residency, she plans to discover different papers that people from Dufftown use in their daily life. She will also explore the relationship between the object and the environment which will create a site specific drawing-sculpture-installation at the Glenfiddich.