Yu-Song Wang


Born in Hualien in 1994, Yu-Song Wang is currently a student at the Graduate Institute of Plastic Arts, Tainan National University of the Arts, Taiwan. He received a B.A. in printmaking from the School of Fine Arts, Taipei National University of the Arts in 2016, and graduated from Hualien Senior High School in 2012. A mixed-media artist, he aims at exploring various possibilities of creation in everyday lives through lived experience and personal observations.

During his college years, Wang was devoted to pondering the respective medium specificity of painting and printmaking, and at the same time attempted to come close to the essence of things with artistic practices other than these two mediums. His works often incorporate affects, physical sensations, and spatial elements. His recent works focus on the “past” that has existed, the “now” that is happening, and the “future” that may take place. Wang likes to explore the ambiguous zone between fiction and reality through his own living environment, lived experience, and to a greater extent, social consciousness and relationships in groups. Through objects, images or particular spatial configurations, his works invite the viewers to open up all their senses and read and interpret the works with their own imagination.

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