Glenfiddich Vivd Memories FAQs

How to scan your photo

To get the best results, our professional image restorer needs the highest quality image possible to start with.

Don't worry about rips, tears, stains and fading. We'll fix that. What we need from you is a high quality, high resolution image we can work with.

Scan your photo using the right settings

To create a "good quality" scan, try to select "best setting", "lowest compression", "lossless format" or "large image size". Ideally your scanned image should be at least three thousand pixels long.

If it helps, you can measure your photo in inches and select appropriate settings based on its size.

- Above 10 inches - set the scanner to 300 dpi ("dots per inch")

- 10 to 9 inches - set the scanner to 300 dpi

- 7 to 8 inches - set the scanner to 400 dpi

- 5 to 6 inches - set the scanner to 500 to 600 dpi

- 3 to 4 inches - set the scanner to 1200 dpi

- 1 to 2 inches - set the scanner to 2400 dpi

For best results, save with low compression

If you save your photo as a JPEG (.jpg) file, it will be compressed. For best results, select the highest quality / lowest compression / biggest file size. Please note on most computers "100%" represents the highest quality picture (largest file size).