25 May 2015

Another week and another artist arrives to take up his residency at Glenfiddich. Our latest addition to this year’s cohort is Shanghai based sculptor Su Chang, who becomes the ninth Chinese artist to join our programme and the third to be selected with the assistance of our partners at Shanghai’s Don Gallery.

Working in a range of materials from wood to plaster Su’s work is strongly influenced by his environment. Often using every day structures such from his normal surroundings of the city such as motorway flyovers or partially demolished apartments for the inspiration basis of his works.

However it is not just man-made structures that inform his work, natural forms, especially trees, are equally important to him. A keen observer of his surroundings Su spent the first few days settling in to his new home and remembering how to ride a bike. He also put his woodworking skills to good use by making his own chopsticks.

With a growing contingent of artists now in residence it seemed a good week to introduce them all to the weekly ceilidhs which have once again started up for the summer season in Dufftown. Su proved to be a keen participant, wasting no time by diving in at the deep end with a fast paced Strip the Willow.

Now fully tooled up after a trip to Elgin’s shops - via a quick stop off ton see Telfords bridge at Craigallachie - Su has already started work on his first piece which will be displayed in our gallery along with work by other residents later this summer.

The first of these exhibitions will open on Friday 24th July but for now some of his previous work can be seen by visiting the Don Gallery web site at http://www.dongallery.cn/artists/info/苏畅