4 May 2015

With the last couple of weeks in Speyside having been as warm as a Bombay winter it was a bit disappointing to see the return of snow on Friday morning! It was also a bit of a shock to the system for Chang Huei-ming, arriving in to Aberdeen from the more clement climes of Taipei that same day.

The eleventh Taiwanese artist to take up our residency, Huei-ming has steadily built a solid reputation for his digital art since receiving the Taipei Art Award in 2009. Working primarily in film and installation his main concern is the investigation and experimentation of the relationship between mirrors, images, bodies, space and speed. Utilising high speed motors he causes objects to vibrate with an intensity where they become blurred, an illusion of time and speed to create moving images. These fine vibrations lend a sense of unreality to his subject, as if they are stop motion animation or time lapse photography, this sensation is best typified in ‘The Last Rose’  (2010)

To explain his philosophy as an artist Huei-ming references a Japanese animation series ‘Space Brothers’ which introduces the concept of the three dimensional ant. A one dimensional ant walks only in a straight line, when they face any obstacles they cannot move forward. Those which explore beyond the line, are the two dimensional ants. Although they may challenge the straight line and turn either left or right they are still conforming to the plane of the horizontal. Three dimensional ants do not recognise such restrictions, they may well climb up the face of the obstacle and in doing so are facing a new world. It is these new worlds that Huei-ming seeks in his art.

Thankfully the snow was not long lived and with Saturday morning dawning bright and sunny it a good day was to give Huei-ming some local bearings with a visit to the coast and a look around Elgin’s centre. There was even some time to get acquainted with some of the local residents in nearby Rothes.

To see  Huei-ming’s previous works including ‘The Last Rose’ please visit