7 September 2014


Although the past week has seen the artistic cohort at Glenfiddich thin down somewhat with the departure of several residents, but with four still on site and the final exhibition of new work scheduled for end of this month, things are not much quieter.

Now there are some artists who like to blow their own trumpet and our Tania is quite literally no exception.  One of this year’s most colourful characters Tania, has been working with a local craftsman called Allan Morrison to construct a whole array of wooden trumpets from cask staves. 

This collaboration is not the first for Allan, who in 2012 worked with London based Carly Bateup to produce the wooden signs that celebrate Dufftown’s twining with Mortlach in Canada. His ability to carve and work wood is well known in the town and made him a natural partner for Tania's project and over the past few weeks he has produced five large trumpets in a variety of size and shape. The shape and design has been informed by Tania's research into the historical use of such horns as both transmitters (megaphone) and receivers (ear trumpet) The innovative use of the material, cask staves used 'inside out' gives each one its own unique 'steam punk' appeal.

With each of the complete trumpets now wired up with speakers they are ready for the second part of Tania's planned audio installation, collecting sounds for transmission through them. As well as music and song performed by some of the musicians Tania has meet over the past few weeks’ attendance at the local ceilidhs. Sounds are also being collected from the process of spirit making and the natural inputs that feed it. Like the spring water from the Robbie Dhu making its way down from the Conval Hills to the distillery below.