30 July 2014

It seems like only yesterday since she arrived, but already Joyce's three months at Glenfiddich are over and the time has come for her to head back home to Taipei. Joining her on the long flight home was her cousin, known simply as Cousin. Also sharing the early morning car journey to the airport was Zhang Yunyao, who was heading to London for a few days before returning to continue his Milan residency.

The works she completed in residence will remain on exhibition at our gallery at The Glenfiddich Distillery until mid August. They will then be shipped to Taiwan for inclusion in her solo show at Tiapie's IT Park in mid November.

Her last night in Dufftown was marked with a 'see you later' dinner at Castle Croft prepared by our other departing guests Xixing, Amiee and Peggy. Of course the menu included Xixing's celebrated fierce cucumber dish.