6 June 2016

While at Glenfiddich there is a great respect for tradition it is a place where we are not afraid to try out something new from time to time. So thanks to the wonders of You Tube we are pleased to introduce an new element to the artists favourite social occasion, Fire Club … The Kave of Karaoke !

 After a slightly slow start due to the artists not having had enough to drink before hand, the night took off with everyone up at the microphone belting out their favourite songs. Kun Ying downloaded a few popular Taiwanese tunes to entertain us with while Joon delighted the audience with the old Korean favourite ‘Gangham Style’ With a wide range of musical genres from  Elvis to Judas Priest being destroyed over the course of the night Eleanor proved herself to be a bit of a Karaoke dark horse by singing proper grown up songs by the likes of Fleetwood Mac

There were even a few duets including the compulsory ‘Don’t go Breaking my Heart’  Joan and Lisa, the Self styled Sisters of Swing eventually closed the nights entertainment at 3am with the Rolling Stones ‘Wild Horses’ after which it was certainly time for bed !