Last days here

14 July 2014

It's only half way through the summer but for some at Glenfiddich the season is already coming to an end. Having arrived in late April Joyce has little over a week to go before returning to Taiwan. Of course before she goes we have our first exhibition opening this Friday. And so for her, along with Han, Hu Zi, Trevor and Rhonda, who are also presenting works in this exhibition, the next few days will be busy. Although since arriving in Scotland Joyce has managed to become almost nocturnal, painting all night and sleeping through the day. The finalisation of her work has required Joyce to often awake in the early hours of the afternoon so she could get the coopers to fit custom made cask hoops as frames for her paintings during their daylight working hours.

The first leaving of the house by Joyce in full daylight was a reasonably traumatic experience. Jake the multi purpose residency hound was placed on guide dog duty readiness but thankfully he was not needed. Joyce's eyes eventually adjusted to an extent that she was able to get a number of her works completed in their frames and hung in the gallery ready for Friday.

Also completed and hung are three water colours and two drawings by Hu Zi and with Han Won Suk's audio/sculptural instillation in place the gallery is slowly taking shape.

All that remains now is for Rhonda to get her last copper pour carried out at SWW to complete the coin workshop presentations and along with Trevor, who arrived back in from Toronto yesterday, put the finishing touches to their cask stave veneer project. The pair are currently working round the clock sculpting  the required number of miniature moth adornments from the shavings and chips of cask stave Trevor toiled over during his first visit here in May.