Making space

12 May 2014

With the first of Rhonda and Trevor's coin workshops taking place later this week. The weekend seemed a good time to strip out the last exhibition and make the gallery ready.

Over the past couple of months the gallery at Glenfiddich has been displaying a selection of works drawn from the residency collection. With at least one piece being left by each artist  in residence at the distillery over the past twelve years the collection now contains enough works to make some curatorial choices for selective showings. This exhibition entitled 'Family Matters' contained works that celebrate,families, relationships and notions of kinship....

Glenfiddich's five generations of family ownership has been an inspiration for several past residents. While this intergenerational family continuity was explored by Chinwe Chukwuogo-Roy in her etch print 'Continuity'. It was the ability of Glenfiddich to retain workers for many years, that attracted Indian photographer Srikanth Kolari. Even more interesting for him was that these long serving employees were themselves often second or third generation descendants of previous workers. 

This resulted in the photo project entitled 'The Generations'  Using images provided by present day workers - depicting family members taken back in the day at the distillery - Sri replicated the photograph in the same location using the present day worker in the same pose and position.

Along side some very personal figurative views of family and domestic life as offered by Annie Pootoogook fellow Canadian Jonathan Kaiser appropriated the form of children's pop-up books to tell a real life story from the early days of Glenfiddich achieved through a series of cut and folded paper sculptures.

Although 'Family Matters' wasn't open for public viewing it still received a good number of internal company group visits and trade visitors. The next residency exhibition will open its doors on the evening of Friday 18th July.