Our feature presentation

26 June 2014

There is a new weekly event in Dufftown, Tuesday night is presentation night. Loosely based on the popular television programme 'Come Dine With Me' . Each week pairs of artists compete to give the best presentation. Just like in the programme, participants are marked on hospitality and as well as content, however unlike the programme there is no large cash prize. We kicked off last week with Rhonda and Isidora both giving short presentations on their work to their resident peers and Jake, the residency mascot.

Jake the hound, performs an important role in the overall judging process as once he begins to show some signs of boredom the artist has clearly gone on too long. Like a canine Simon Cowell his restlessness quickly spreads out amongst the rest of the audience and once the collective howls have begun to drown the presenter out, its time to stop.

This week it was the turn of Hugh and Suso. Rhonda and Isidora had set the bar high the previous week despite some clear restlessness being shown on occasion by Jake, And so with the stakes high, Suso made sure his guests were able to find his house by water marking the gable end with a suitable message. Hugh had wisely chosen to sweet the audience in advance by providing a mini Chinese buffet and copious amounts of alcohol. But their master stroke was holding the presentations in Suso's spare bedroom meaning Jake was able to recline in comfort and silence till the very end.