Spanish sun

14 June 2014

Its been another busy and sunny week up at Glenfiddich. Monday saw the arrival of the artist known simply as Suso 33, the first Spaniard to be in residence here since 2007. Although Suso's work also involves video and performance he our first resident to practice street/urban art. 

The inspiration environment of The Glenfiddich Distillery has already provided Suso with a number of ideas, which as they come to him are jotted down in his notepad for future reference; one or two have even been put into practice. Using the gable of his residency accommodation as a canvas and water as a medium he has been producing ephemeral graffiti, which begins to fade away almost as soon as it appears.

As well as comings there has also been goings, with Joyce heading back to Taiwan to attend a family wedding and Han off to a Paris studio to begin the editing work on the sound recordings he has collected over the past few weeks to provide the audio content of his installation. This meant that they both not only missed this week's ceilidh but also the first of Hugh's 'salon' evenings which, was attended by two visiting artists, Carl and Nick, who are currently in residence at the Scottish Sculpture Workshop over the hill in Lumsden.