Sports and social

7 June 2014

For newest resident Hugh Hayden the first week at Glenfiddich has been something of a social whirl. Dallas born Hugh arrived in the middle of a spell of fine sunny weather allowing Rhonda's husband Richard the opportunity to let everyone play with his nice shiny new balls.

Despite no one really being too sure of the rules or indeed the proper technique for playing. Aided by several 'Ginger Jerries' it still managed to remain a good-natured game, with gallery assistant Gail proving herself to be champion of the bouls.

Hugh takes up the sixth residency place this summer and for the next three months he plans a series of sculptural works continuing his interest in camouflage, landscape and ground nesting game birds. In between asking questions Hugh also enjoys to drink lots of water and make strong coffee.

As well as showing Hugh round the distillery site - now almost back to normal after the recent 'silent season' he has also had the chance to get out and about to see the local surroundings and some of the habitats where his elusive game birds are to be found. We even found time to squeeze in the obligatory trip to Elgin to visit the holy trinity of residency retail therapy, - B&Q, Moray Office Supplies and Asda.


However highlight of the week had to be the first ceilidh of summer where this years ceilidh virgins were introduced to the Dashing White Sergeant and his friends the Gay Gordons.