4 July 2016


Two months in to the 2016 schedule and our last artist has arrived to compete the compliment of residents this summer. Subir Hati becomes the fifth recipient of the Glenfiddich/Bestcollegeart Emerging Indian artist of the year award. Chosen out of over six hundred entrants he received his award at a glittering ceremony held in April at Art District XIII, one of Delhi’s newest galleries.

Working between painting and sculpture Subir describes his work as urban folk art yet his clean lines and sense of symmetry displays his attention to detail and design. As the artist says of his own work,

“Folk art has always been spontaneous. In a different perspective, design is the by-product of utility. My concern as an artist is to seed the essence of art in design.”

Subir, whose name means Great Warrior arrives right at the start of the Scottish Monsoon season so one essential purchase was jacket with a hood, which should come into its own certainly by the time he departs again in early October