20 July 2015

Three months can seem a like an eternity  when at the start of residence, but the long weeks soon become short days as the deadline for first opening approaches. Like the other artists exhibiting in this coming exhibition, Daniel Munoz has been busy putting the final touches to the works he shall be submitting even though these works won’t actually be in the gallery themselves.

Following an almost hermit like practice Daniel has been taking himself off to a number of semi secret locations not too far from Dufftown. Abandoned, semi derelict structures  ubiquitous yet often un-noticed and past-by. It is here where Daniel has spent long solitary hours painstakingly committing his art. Heavily detailed with a sense of almost photo realism, using only black and white, these secret paintings have an almost historic feel  to them that makes them fit comfortably in their surroundings, as if they had always been there.

For an artist whose work is more often large scale and very public this hidden project is of a more intimate, private nature. In the gallery exhibition these works will be presented as a series of photographs while the actual paintings themselves will slowly fade away over the passage of time.