Glenfiddich - “The Valley of The Deer” is the mesmerising landscape where William Grant, our visionary founder, turned his life long dreams into a reality.

The original, handbuilt Glenfiddich Distillery was completed in 1887 following a year of intense, back-breaking labour by William and his family. William’s dream was to create “the best dram in the valley” and this ambition remains at the heart of our activities today (although we may have extened our reach a little!) A warm welcome still awaits today’s visitors who’ll find ancient earthy aromas, traditional tall copper tuns and old stone walls meld with an alive, happy vibrance and pioneering spirit.

It has taken over 125 years and 5 generations of family ownership, passion and drive to ensure Glenfiddich is the most-awarded Single Malt in the world today. We fondly believe our founder would be pleased with his legacy and proud that his driving principles of quality, tradition, exploration and innovation remain at our very core.


Glenfiddich Distillery and everything that has followed is the result of William Grant, his seven sons, two daughters and a single stone mason working with a single-minded passion to achieve excellence. Since those times the William Grant family has been extended to include all those who, over many generations, have helped shape us into what we are today. We are constantly growing, evolving and improving, still striving for excellence, still retaining those same founding values. As a testament to this, we are now one of the only remaining family owned independent producers of Single Malt in Scotland.


To create outstanding, consistently awarding-winning Single Malts requires patience, knowledge, experience and of course those little family secrets that only the inner-circles are privy to. As well as perfecting our core ranges, a constant drive for discovery has meant a wide range of unique, rare and remarkable Single Malts proudly bear the Glenfiddich name. In their tireless search over the years, our Malt Masters have independently invented new distilling and maturing methods such as the celebrated Solera Vat. They have tirelessly worked to perfect the art of blending for flavour and consistency. Every expression our Malt Masters approve for release is something they are willing stake their reputations on.