Home To Glenfiddich: Part 6

9 April 2014

Liquid History

by Joel Harrison

The process of combining three natural ingredients - barley, water and yeast – a generous helping of time and an oak cask to create a golden whisky, is the closest thing I have ever experienced to alchemy.

It is this magical process which was used by William Grant when he opened Glenfiddich distillery on Christmas Day 1887 and the one still employed at the distillery today. 

Using a "Copper Dog" to test the liquid

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Home To Glenfiddich: Part 5

4 April 2014

A Slice of Speyside

by Joel Harrison

As a whisky writer, I spend a large chunk of my time visiting Scotland and her various distilleries, but there is one area that I never tire of visiting: Speyside.

Unloading the casks at the Distillery

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Home To Glenfiddich: Part 4

2 April 2014

Barrels without Borders: The Journey of the Cask

by Joel Harrison

Casks have been used for thousands of years. They have provided us with a vessel to transport goods from producer to consumer, and it was their usefulness in this capacity through which the maturation of liquor was discovered.

A cask about to be shipped

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