5 Easy Cocktails to Try Right Now

15 September 2016

Old Fashioned

Mix two shots of bitters, one sugar cube and a few dashes of water together until the sugar is completely dissolved. In a glass with a few blocks of ice, add 30ml of whisky, a dash of citrus, a cherry and your sugar mix. 

Rusty Nail

Served in an old-fashioned glass and on the rocks or neat, this cocktail earned itself on the Difford’s Guide Top 100 Cocktails list. Pour 22ml of Drambuie and 45ml of whisky into a glass filled with ice, garnish with lemon twist, stir gently and enjoy.


In a chilled glass, add 30ml of Campari, 45ml of whisky and 30ml of Sweet red Vermouth, stir with ice, strain, garnish and serve.

The Godfather

Made of equal parts Scotch and Amaretto, serve it in an old-fashioned glass on the rocks, and enjoy.

Rob Roy

Created in 1894, it’s one of the oldest in the books. In a glass with ice, stir 25ml of Sweet Vermouth, 45ml of whisky, a dash of bitters, and you’re set.