How The Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix Was Born

20 March 2016

Since 1887, our family have always been bold with our whisky making, led the industry and constantly pushed the boundaries of whisky innovation. Which is why, after heavy snowfall that caused several of our warehouse roofs to collapse in 2010, our skilled distillery staff went right to work, crafting a one-of-a-kind Single Malt Scotch whisky.

On the 7
th of January 2010, 1.2m of snow caused a few of our warehouse roofs to collapse, exposing maturing oak casks. Working through -19°C temperature conditions, our distillery staff and Malt Master Brian Kinsman had to act fast.

 “Standing amongst the wreckage and exposed casks, we were working out our next steps and assessing the situation. I was thinking about how the casks, some of which were very old, contained some beautiful whisky and it occurred to me that they would create a fantastic non-aged single malt. A limited edition bottling from the whiskies in the damaged warehouses would be an appropriate way of celebrating the pioneering spirit of the distillery team at this moment in Glenfiddich’s history,” began Brian Kinsman. “A photographer was shooting the scene and rather fittingly, when we looked at the pictures, the light shining through the warehouse roofs looked like a phoenix rising above us. I suppose this was the moment of conception of Glenfiddich Snow Phoenix,” he adds.

 With a combination of natural strength and non-chill filtered casks that varied in age and finish, the golden single malt features copper highlights. The wild flavours of this limited edition Single Malt Scotch whisky include apples roasted in campfire ambers, sweetened with heather honey and accompanied by a little chocolate. Rich and complex with a trace of burned sugar, coffee and wood smoke, it features an exceptionally long finish, and austere sherry notes that mellow into satisfying sweetness.