The Best Whisky Glass?

7 April 2016

The NEAT whisky glass
A new entrant in the world of whisky glasses, the Naturally Engineered Aroma Technology glass has become a popular choice. With a large surface area, it allows for harsh aromas to diffuse, creating an enjoyable drinking experience.

Glencairn whisky glass
This glass is highly recommended for those who enjoy their Scotch neat, or with a few drops of water. The smaller tapered opening allows for a concentration of scents, and when put to the nose you’re able to experience a lot more aroma, ensuring maximum enjoyment with each sip. 

Riedel Vinum glass
Perfect for the sensitive nose as it opens at the lip, allowing for the harsh alcohol odour to diffuse. Unlike the Glencairn it doesn’t focus all of the aromas to the nose.

Tulip-shaped glass
The Copita glass falls under this umbrella in terms of functionality. This shape of glass is the most common for single malt whiskies. The shape of the glass and tapered mouth concentrate the aroma of the whisky at your nose, enhancing the tasting experience.

Whisky tumbler
Because of its widespread popularity, this has become more or less the official whisky glass to use. It’s perfect for those who enjoy their whisky with ice or mixers. We would recommend purchasing the Riedel whisky old-fashioned glass, although it’s commonly used to drink bourbon.