Daniel Muñoz


Daniel began his career in the early nineties painting on walls and furniture in public spaces at Moraleja (Cáceres), where he was born and raised.  In 1997 he started to study art degree at the city of Caceres.

Before moving to Madrid in 2000 to begin his university studies in the Faculty of Fine Arts, which is compatible with his first exhibitions and interventions in many cities of Spain and Europe.

Thereafter there is a shift in his career and  the drawing starts to be a tool of his language.

'Since its start my work has been highly figurative and which developed using exclusively public space as a support. My intention was to have my message to as many people as possible. Not socio-cultural discriminations.

Language consists of symbols and codes that give rise to a careful reading between the narrative of classical painting and moral discourses of contemporary art. In my  work I seek to force different interpretations despite recounting daily events and anecdotes, based on more mundane topics'

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