31 August 2015

After an incredibly frantic fortnight it is always a pleasure to enjoy the few moments of peace and tranquillity just before the gallery opens its doors to a new exhibition. With all the work installed and the glasses laid out time seems to slow down giving an opportunity to draw breath, relax and fully appreciate the works on display.

With the afternoon showers drying up and the evening sunshine making a welcome appearance guests to the opening event were able to fully enjoy the works both in and out with the gallery.

Approaching the gallery guests were first confronted by the wreckage of Jon Sasaki’s aircraft, deliberately arranged on the grass by the entrance. A video projection in our black space documented both the construction and flight trial of the craft.

The tools of flight were also employed but in a more abstract way by Su Chang who again had produced new works from the simplest of materials, found feathers were transformed by the artists touch in to a miniature primordial forest  while pine cones suspended on a delicate frame work of copper wire formed a large abstract wall hanging.

Seok Hyun’s installation carried the use of natural objects on quite neatly from Su Chang’s works, comprising of a arrangement of cut flowers and plants providing a soft verdant counterpoint to the small working model of his larger sculpture back outside the gallery.

Despite Ben’s experimental installation of the steel sheet outside the gallery proving to be unsatisfactory the gallery version was much more successful, leaning at a precarious angle supported only by single length of rope. In addition to this work Ben also contributed two other pieces, one being a large steep sheet coated in a clear epoxy resin transforming it for a scrappy sheet of rusted steel in to a deep and lustrous wall hanging enhancing the rich ochre and rusted hues of the metal.  For his third contribution Ben chose to incorporate a video piece filmed in the Balvenie Maltings showing the artist looping and knotting a single strand of rope into a long chain that accompanying the video hanging garland like for the gallery wall.

As before the gallery is open each day apart from Monday and Tuesday between 12.30 and 5.30 until 22nd Sept