Behind the scenes of the photo shoot for our newly designed Glenfiddich 18 Year Old packaging

14 October 2014


We spent hours painstakingly deconstructing one of our casks to create a work of art specially commissioned to celebrate the newly designed packaging for our award winning 18 Year Old single malt.

To help us with the task, we enlisted the expertise of Glenfiddich cooper, Sean Caird. He took a moment at the shoot to talk to us about the cask used on the set, as well as his role at our distillery and the importance of having an on-site cooperage.

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Enter the archives: Discover how Glenfiddich’s iconic logo and packaging has evolved through the years

23 September 2014

Recognised wherever a bottle of Glenfiddich is being enjoyed, our triangular bottle and iconic stag have long been known across the world as marks of distinction and quality.

However, styles and practices are forever changing and the Glenfiddich brand has evolved to remain fresh while remaining respectful of our heritage.

We caught up with Paul Kendall, our archivist at The Glenfiddich Distillery. It’s Paul’s job to safeguard our family history, ensuring that each generation’s chapter in our family story can be enjoyed by generations yet to come. We asked Paul to tell us a little bit about how the Glenfiddich brand has matured over the years.

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Ways to enjoy a summer dram

30 July 2014

During the summer months, I meet people who don't touch their precious single malts at all. Sometimes it's because they see whisky as a winter drink, other times it's because they say their single malt is sacred, that it should never be mixed with anything, or even served with ice.

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A Glenfiddich Guide to Rio de Janeiro

17 June 2014

Because Brazil is hosting the World Cup this month, it’s one of this year’s truly global hotspots and hundreds of thousands of people from all around the world are expected to visit this beautiful city over the coming weeks. So, we asked our Glenfiddich Brand Ambassador for Brazil, Christiano Protti, to put together a guide to some of the top gastronomic venues and whisky bars in one of the host cities, Rio de Janeiro.

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