The dangerous attraction of molen metal

6 May 2014


This morning started off wet and grey so it seemed  quite an appropriate atmosphere for taking the Slug out for a wee roll over the Cabrach To Lumsden, home of the Scottish Sculpture Workshop.

Readers of the blog from last year, if there are any... will know the Slug is the AiR programmes personnel carrier or Artsmobile, and will be pleased to know that the fitting of a new battery - imported at no small expense from Italy - over the winter has stopped the starting stopping starting problems of last summer.  

Our visit to the SSW allowed Trevor and Rhonda the opportunity to speak with Eden the foundry technician about their forthcoming coin making workshops.

Discussions on injection and vacuum casting were hampered only by Trevor and Rhonda inability to decipher Eden's rich Northumbrian brogue...

Established in 1979 the workshop has established itself as one of the key facilities in the North East arts world. It is internationally known as a centre of excellence in providing artists direct access to a wide range of sculpting techniques including hot metal casting. 

In addition to providing 'hands on' experience to artists such as Rhonda who will be casting coins from the finished molds created in her workshops SSW also hosts its own residency programme, courses and workshops.