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Life as a Glenfiddich family member

29 August 2014

Glenfiddich has been a family business since William Grant laid the very first stones on the site of our distillery with the help of his seven sons and two daughters back in 1886. To this day, William’s descendants continue to own and manage our distillery, looking after our whisky and leading the way for future generations to come.

Following in William’s footsteps is fifth generation Grant family member Kirsten Grant Meikle, who took some time to talk to us about what family means to her and, of course, the difference it makes to the way we produce our award winning single malt.

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A history of aging

20 August 2014

By Mitch Bechard, Western US Brand Ambassador

When talking about the characteristics of a scotch whisky it is now believed that around 60 - 80% of these come from the maturation process, but where did this tradition and lengthy process of aging scotch come from? The first written record of whisky making in Scotland dates back to 1494, however Scots were making it long before that. Originally, Scottish whiskies would have been drunk as new make spirit or ‘cleric’ straight from the still.  This is because it was either illegal or the farmers making it at the time wanted to drink it instantly, but most probably a combination of both these factors.

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