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William Grant - The Man Who Started It All

17 October 2014

By Mitch Bechard

I work for one of the few independent family owned and run distilleries still in existence within Scotland today. So as you can imagine, the history of Glenfiddich and William Grant is something I am very passionate about.  When sipping on a dram of the world’s most awarded single malt I often think back to how hard it must have been to build the distillery back in the 18th century—how tough it would have been enduring the harsh winters and putting complete faith into doing something that, at the time, was a very new business within the commercial world.  In this piece I will look back on the history of the founding father of the Glenfiddich distillery—William Grant, the man who started it all.

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Behind the scenes of the photo shoot for our newly designed Glenfiddich 18 Year Old packaging

14 October 2014


We spent hours painstakingly deconstructing one of our casks to create a work of art specially commissioned to celebrate the newly designed packaging for our award winning 18 Year Old single malt.

To help us with the task, we enlisted the expertise of Glenfiddich cooper, Sean Caird. He took a moment at the shoot to talk to us about the cask used on the set, as well as his role at our distillery and the importance of having an on-site cooperage.

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Liquid History

13 October 2014

By Joel Harrison

The process of combining three natural ingredients - barley, water and yeast – a generous helping time and an oak cask to create a golden whisky, is the closest thing I have ever experienced to alchemy.

Drawing whiskey

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A Slice of Speyside

6 October 2014

By Joel Harrison

As a whisky writer, I spend a large chunk of my time visiting Scotland and her various distilleries, but there is one area that I never tire of visiting: Speyside.

Speyside casks

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