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Cask of Dreams and The Trip of a Lifetime

1 May 2013

Our founder William Grant's dream to distill the best dram in the valley took him and his family around the world. But not every dream needs to circumnavigate the globe to be worth pursuing. Such is the case with our winning Cask of Dreams adventure.

Enjoy the story of a man living his dream. And then, go out and live yours.

Trent's Adventure, In His Own Words

The destination: Heli-Skiing with the Chugach Powder Guides, Alaska

This trip was the ultimate. I stayed at the Alyeska Hotel, which is an incredible resort with beautiful rooms and a view of the ski resort out my window. Alyeska has several lovely restaurants where I enjoyed eating my dinners and enjoyed a nice drink as well.

The skiing was awesome. They drove us 15 to 30 miles down the Seward Highway to our pick up points. There, a helicopter picked up four skiers and our guide and headed off into the Chugach Mountains. Each chopper handled four groups of four and took turns picking us up and bringing us to the top. The first day we skied near Portage Glacier. The following days, we drove further down the highway and skied south of Turnagain Pass. After one snow storm, we had incredible powder all day long. After a few runs down one peak we were taken to a new mountain with fresh snow.

Safety is always the number one priority. We were outfitted with Avalanche transceivers and Mammut avalanche packs as well as harnesses to strap around our waists in case of a fall into a crevasse, which has happened in the past. At times the skiiers ski down glaciers and need to be aware of the dangers. But the guides know how to keep us safe and they do an incredible job. All in all, this was the best vacation of my life. Skiing just does not get any better than this. THANK YOU, GLENFIDDICH!