The Glenfiddich #Richest25
Glenfiddich and
Brittany Packnett Cunningham
Challenge the Collective Idea of What It Means To Be Rich

Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky introduces the #Richest25, a bold new body of work that challenges the collective idea of what it means to be rich. The below feature breaks from the conventions of a traditional rich list, spotlighting 20 individuals from across the United States who broaden the definition of wealth by reimagining its true meaning. The Glenfiddich #Richest25 was inspired by a landmark study, conducted with If-Then Company, which suggests that American society’s definition of professional success devalues what truly matters most to them such as relationships, community and well-being.

The Glenfiddich #Richest25 is the first action Glenfiddich is taking as part of a larger mission to reassess how we look at value, wealth and ‘riches’ through a societal and personal lens.

The Curator

Brittany Packnett Cunningham


Brittany Packnett Cunningham is one of the most sought-after voices in the world of social change and empowerment. An award-winning educator, organizer, writer and leader, Cunningham connects with an expansive number of individuals who share her deeper, emotionally connective vision of personal wealth.

Cunningham joins Glenfiddich in honoring this evolved definition of richness with a curation of extraordinary people living exceptionally rich lives.



I don’t do many of these things. But when I do, it’s because it reflects my values. So when Glenfiddich asked me to help them challenge what rich means, an opportunity presented itself: to use my little corner of the world to help us reflect back to ourselves the beautiful things that make us who we are.

For certain, the way we share material resources must reflect an attitude of abundance-because there is enough for everyone to be well. And so too must the way we define richness reflect our humanity-instead of just what we can produce. A recent study Glenfiddich did with If-Then Company crystallizes this truth: the way Americans define success varies drastically from the way we perceive society to define success.

Wealth. We're conditioned to think it’s dollars, when it’s really personal connection. Others think it’s followers, but deep down we know it’s purpose. The world chases accolades, but courage resides in those who do not.

I learned from my father early on that nothing will ever be more important than how we shine the light we got. It’s how he let me know I was always rich-beyond any of society's status quos. We each owe it to ourselves to withdraw from the standards that never suited all of us equitably.

So, let’s set a new table. Let’s redefine what makes us rich, and who the richest are among us. Let’s center the beauty of the human spirit and the wealth of human connection.

What makes you rich? It’s time for a new standard. Nominate today to complete this year’s #Richest25.

In Love & Power,


The Honorees

Kimi Werner

National Spearfishing Medalist, Filmmaker and Ambassador of the Ocean

For Kimi Werner, richness abounds in wonder towards life and a deep connection to the greater world we live in. These priorities galvanize her descent into uncharted waters as a spearfisher and world-class freediver as well as advocate for a healthy global community and environment.

Cultivating gratitude nurtures her ever-evolving brave, compassionate spirit and electrifies her indelible influence on others. World explorer, culinary chef, award-winning artist and sought-after motivational speaker, Werner measures abundance in unconditional love, presence and an eternal childlike curiosity.


George M Johnson

Award-Winning Writer, Activist and Champion of the Black Queer Community

George M. Johnson finds richness in allowing the mind, body and soul to prosper. An authentic storyteller who fearlessly shares themself with the world, George directly impacts their communities with a valuable sense of being seen and heard.

Community is their heart’s home and why George continues to do the work they do daily in effort to liberate the underserved from societal oppressions and offer healing. Their writings on race, gender, politics and health, LGBTQ+ activism and strength of spirit centers George as a pillar in the Black community, queer community and specifically, Black queer community


Rob Garrett Smith

Retail Expert, Social Justice and LGBTQIA+ Advocate, and CEO of The Phluid Project

Rob Smith recognizes money as an aspect of richness, and while financial wellbeing is arguably wonderful to have, for him, richness has much more depth.

It’s about life experiences, strong relationships, good health, deep purpose, peace of mind and a joyful spirit. By nearly completely self-funding the launch of his business, Rob put his financial comfort aside and directed all of his resources to creating a brand that is built on values, grounded in purpose and has the audacity to challenge dated constructs that have oppressed humans for far too long.

Rob finds pure joy in joining a movement that encourages freedom, authenticity, self expression, visibility and representation.


Vanessa Garrison

African American Women’s Health Advocate, Cofounder and COO of GirlTrek

Vanessa Garrison’s spiritual identity is a guide that has helped her generously. She is rich in her ideas and energy, which comes across in the inspiring actions that flow through her work at GirlTrek, and is part of the reason GirlTrek is able to create compelling stories for and about Black women.

At GirlTrek, the belief that self care is revolutionary is at the center, alongside the sentiment, ‘when I am weak you may be strong or when you are strong, I may be weak.’ Vanessa, alongside her GirlTrek community, is changing generational outcomes for Black women each and everyday.


Stephen Satterfield

Media Entrepreneur, Writer and Defender of Global Food Sources

Stephen Satterfield envisions rich as a hillside orchard of fragrant stone fruit trees ready for harvest. A champion of food origins and culture, Stephen considers what we eat and drink the essence of understanding humans and the world.

With his founding of Whetstone, a groundbreaking magazine and media company true to this vital mission, and as host of the critically acclaimed Netflix docuseries High on the Hog, Stephen fervently redefines food and beverage as organizing, activating and educating. His uncompromised vision continually actualizes his dream of sitting at a full table with the most remarkable people on earth.


Julissa Arce

Activist, Best-Selling Author and Equal Rights in Education Ally

Richness is a multiverse for Julissa Arce. Rich is love, friendships and the change she creates in her community. Alignment of values in work and personal life brings the former Wall Streeter -- and pursuer of society-defined wealth -- boundless reward. An illuminating pivot invigorated Julissa to fight for social justice, immigrant rights and educational equality.

Lit by her own immigration from Mexico as a child, Julissa has written several books about her journey and she co-founded the Ascend Educational Fund, a college scholarship and mentorship program for immigrant students in New York City regardless of ethnicity, national origin or immigration status.


Jaeki Cho

Creative Producer, Filmmaker and Multicultural Channeller

An inquisitive appetite for learning propels Jaeki Cho to immerse himself in the vicissitudes of life, ever striving in work fed by purpose and passion. Jaeki’s prolific, multi-faceted creative output infuses insights on race and culture with a palpable belief that wealth is unattainable without a robust community.

The proud Queens native garnered 450K+ TikTok followers with Righteous Eats, a series spotlighting local mom-and-pop businesses affected by the pandemic. Consistency and frequency cultivate richness for Jaeki, whose north star remains empowering the underserved and underrepresented while living life with intention.


Michelle Maros

Writer, Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life CoFounder and Agent of Mindfulness

Michelle Maros defines richness as an internal feeling of worth, confidence and knowing that you are enough in every moment. A writer and co-founder of the non-profit organization, Peaceful Mind Peaceful Life, Michelle creates purposeful content and a holistic mind-body curriculum that inspires connection, collaboration and change.

Prioritizing inner strength and space for vulnerability, Michelle is proof positive that the most important relationship we cultivate is the one with ourselves. She shepherds an integrated daily practice of mindfulness and experiential teachings into far reaching communities for sustainable joy and true wealth.


Brandan Odums

Visual Artist, Mentor and Captivator of History

Brandan “BMike” Odums lives at the threshold of labor and dreams. The New Orleans-based visual artist creates large scale murals that ignite vital transnational dialogue about the intersection of art and resistance.

His bold work encapsulates the political fervor of a generation of Black American activists who came of age amidst the tenure of the nation’s first Black president and the emergence of the self-care movement. Brandan’s Studio Be, a 36,000 sq. ft. showcase of original installations and reconstructed public works, hosts schools and hundreds of visitors every week.


Hawa Hassan

Somalia Home Cook and Chef, Founder of BasBaas Sauce and Preserver of Heritage

Integrity, kindness and deep-seated gratitude are Hawa Hassan’s guiding principles that keep her steadfast in building a resounding career and fulfilling everyday experience. An ex-displaced person who fled Civil War in Somalia in the early 90s, Hawa deems herself incredibly fortunate to be living life on her own terms.

With an ignited curiosity and ever-present desire to feed the body and soul, Hawa embraces heritage in her endeavors. Generational matriarchs of her homeland inspired her BasBaas condiments and her cookbook-meets-travelogue, In Bibi's Kitchen, shares recipes and stories from grandmothers—or bibis—from eight African countries.


Isaiah Lamb

Professional Basketball Player, Founder of LoLamb and Heartfelt Hero

At an early age, Isaiah Lamb learned that richness equates to abundance in your own core values. Growing up without financial stability, Isaiah and his family slept in their car and faced unique hardships due to homelessness and ill health.

Isaiah moved through these struggles with fiery ambition and talent, his Herculean inner strength leading him to graduate from college with a full scholarship and become a Division 1 basketball player, gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated. Twice. Recognizing wealth in love, wisdom and experience, he founded LoLamb, an inspiring fitness brand that donates to homeless, inner-city youth.


Timothy Goodman

Artist, Author and Messenger of Meaning

Timothy Goodman centers his playful larger-than-life art around profound meaning. His large text-based murals and spirited line work infuse streets, cars, clothing, books and magazines with heart-to-heart dispatches of hope, humanity and everything in-between.

Timothy chooses to live with intensity and surround himself with like-minded people. Mentors empowered his confidence to pursue his impassioned practice and his biggest joy is connecting with others through his work. Richness for Timothy is fighting for meaning, creating with meaning and utilizing whatever means you may have to do something...meaningful.


Keah Brown

Best-selling Author, #DisabledandCute Creator and Joyful Revolutionary

For Keah Brown choosing joy is nothing short of revolutionary and a necessity for living a fully engaged life. As a Black disabled queer woman, she’s fought to defy the status quo to see her own worth and value in a world that too often does not see it in her.

Her liberating journey to self-love centered on embracing the exceptional without exception. Keah’s passionate stories and bestselling books give heartfelt light and priceless assurance to others that choosing joy, ambition and self-love is the surest way to bring richness, and pure happiness, into every life.


Waraire Boswell

Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur and Bespoke Citizen of the World

For Waraire Boswell, richness is creating a world that exudes comfort and emotional wealth. Starting his career at prominent Hollywood talent agencies, he dressed to impress in his personally designed suits and the town took notice. Boswell soon launched his eponymous menswear line fitting A-listers, star athletes and musicians with paramount style.

He recently overhauled the uniform program for a major fast food chain across the U.S. and Canada. Encouraged by his beloved family and the mindset of owning your own time for a truly fulfilling life, Waraire embraces the value of every moment, which if squandered, cannot be reclaimed.


Kia Damon

Chef, Founder of Kia Feeds The People and Food Equity Warrior

Kia Damon sees the preciousness of community as her guiding ethos. A self-taught chef influenced by her cultural roots, Kia synchronously paved her way through kitchens and founded The Supper Club From Nowhere as a response to the lack of visible Black women in her culinary community.

Faced with particular adversity as a queer Black woman, Kia forges richness through fulfilling relationships and inspiring experiences that promote longevity and sustainability. Her budding non-profit Kia Feeds the People fights food apartheid by supplying quality, organic produce and pantry items to underserved Black and QTPOC communities.


Jack Carlson

World Championship Bronze Medalist, Archeologist and Sartorial Renaissance Man

Dr. Jack Carlson has led a remarkably rich and varied life. A three-time member of the national rowing team, Carlson won a bronze medal for the U.S.A. at the World Championships.

As founder and creative director of New York-based clothing brand and design lab Rowing Blazers, he honors his passion for both streetwear and classic menswear. And with a Ph.D. in archaeology, he has worked on field excavations in Italy and written on a wide range of subjects, from Iron Age weaponry and the Arch of Constantine, to the history of the rugby shirt.


LaTosha Brown

Award-winning Visionary Thought Leader, Institution Builder and Envoy of Empowerment

A nationally recognized expert in Black voting rights and voter suppression, Black women’s empowerment and philanthropy, LaTosha Brown embodies the meteoric strength of authentic voice.

With a vital mission to increase and fortify power in marginalized, predominantly Black communities, LaTosha uniquely bridges the philanthropy world to the grassroots community, traditional politics to grassroots politics, and practitioners to the scholarship of movement building.

Founder of Southern Black Girls & Women’s Consortium, Co-Founder of Black Voters Matter, Black Voters Matter Fund and Black Voters Matter Capacity Building Institute, LaTosha imparts a wealth of personal empowerment intelligence to everyone she inspires.


Will Fegan

Craftsman, Carpentry Designer and Maker of Dreams

Will Fegan did not foresee his pastime of working with wood as a flourishing career. Constant curiosity, his father’s career as a roofer, and experimentation with salvaged materials led to selling wares on Etsy and taking a deeper dive into the art of woodworking, seeking out mentors and giving hyper-focus to following his bliss.

By removing distractions and pouring heart, hand and soul into his process, Will became entrusted to bring customized carpentry visions to life in interior environments for private residences, restaurants and other businesses. He finds richness in an ever-evolving sense of progress and expansive personal potential.


Lexi Valentin

Corporate Social Responsibility Advocate, Founder of Non-Profit "Run It Back” and Passionate Game Changer

Lexi Valentin takes social responsibility personally. A corporate social responsibility advocate by day, Lexi builds equitable communities through sport by night with her Run It Back non-profit organization, providing a place for all adults to play basketball for free and an opportunity to mentor student athletes, honing in on professional on and off the court development.

Lexi’s mission is driven by her inherent belief in connective relationships and the holistic nurturing benefit of helping others achieve their highest selves. Richness for Lexi is the immeasurable reward for positively impacting others’ lives and seeing them attain their dreamed-about goals.


Joe Ahearn

Art Aficionado, Small Business Supporter and Cofounder of WithFriends

Joe Ahearn views the concept of richness through the lens of abundance. Of having more than he needs and having more than enough to share, while being able to rely on those around him for what he doesn’t have. This has led Joe to seek out collaborators, spaces, and communities whose needs compliment his, as it's not always about creating more resources, but about cultivating the right network that values what you have to give.

The community he’s built - independent artists and musicians, ambitious technology founders, local activists and organizers - all share this deeply ingrained belief that there is no real idea of personal wealth without a vision for how to leverage it amongst one another.


The Nominated Honorees

Jack Evans

Driven Service Leader, Outdoorsman and Humble Hero

Jack Evans finds richness in selfless service, reliability and inspiration. As a U.S. Navy Veteran and a master in multiple areas of interest including biology, anthropology, linguistics and languages, Jack is committed to challenging the body and mind from an early age, while shaping aspirations to be a humble and reliable leader. He focuses on inspiring those around him, in his community and within his own family, to show anyone can do anything they set their minds to.


Tierra Rich

Inspirational Career Coach and Community Leader

Tierra Rich is rich in community, working constantly to ensure resources are upheld for her home of Philadelphia. As a decade-long resident, Tierra is passionate about giving back to the ones who reside in her city, working in schools to promote creativity and relationship development, holding voter registration drives in partnership with local sneaker shops and hosting Sunday Fundays. Tierra is a strong advocate for positive change and works tirelessly to help others achieve success.


Kenya Hutton

Community Collaborator, Social Justice and LGBTQ Advocate

Kenya Hutton embodies richness as he puts human goodness at the front and center of his, and everyone he meets, lives. Known for reliability, charitable giving and bringing folks together at the table, Kenya demonstrates his value to those underserved and underrepresented in all settings. As Deputy Director of the Center for Black Equity, he has devoted his life’s work to social justice, advocating for marginalized groups, including the LGBTQ community, and bettering the disenfranchised.


Joiselle Cunningham

Social Impact and Educational Excellence Leader

Joiselle Cunningham, CEO of Pathways to Creative Industries, an organization focused on building access for those interested in creative careers, immerses herself in education, knowledge and impact. She challenges what it means to be rich as she leads efforts to support underserved communities through work-based learning and drives social impact with musicians, fashion leaders and other artists. Joiselle devotes herself to better her communities and consistently strives to embody betterment in everything she does.


Dr. Julia Skinner

Passionate Food Historian, Writer and Founder of Root

Julia Skinner exudes richness in experience, sharing her knowledge in various ways to educate her community and those around her through food. Being a fermentation enthusiast, food historian and founder of Root - Atlanta's fermentation and food history company - she uses the stories behind food to connect people more deeply to what's on their plates and to each other. Julia is committed to using her diverse background of life experiences, ranging from city bus driving to teaching, to impart wisdom on her communities and inspire each and every day.